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2008 - Graduated from UIUC with an art degree. Moved to Chicago to work as a product designer at a small firm.

2009 - Discovered the joys (and pains) of bicycle commuting. Took a mechanics class at West Town Bikes. It's a motivator when the bike you're taking apart is your only ride home.

2010 - Got hooked hunting for the perfect used bike on craigslist and developed an affection for models from the late 1980s. Put my mechanic ability to use rehabbing old bicycles.

2013 - The joy of working on bikes took me to the next logical step: I studied frame building with Doug Fattic in Michigan. Didn't quite finish my frame in class and joined a bike building collective in Bridgeport to complete it. I've been building ever since.

Why do I build bikes? I enjoy making things. It's what lead me to study art and design. Working as a product designer for 8 years I'm well experienced with the limitations of mass manufacturing. Hand built bikes are my outlet to creative freedom. It's an opportunity to design directly for the end user. I enjoy working at a bench, not behind a computer. I enjoy watching the final result come together.

-Noah Wangerin

1048 West 37th Street, Chicago IL 60609