Process and Capabilities


Each bicycle is built from scratch so there are a lot of choices to match what you're looking for (handling, components, accessories, color, details). Also, the fit is fully tailored meaning the end result should maximize both comfort and power for the rider.

Because each frame is made one at a time by hand, delivery times are slow. Price varies based on the project, and range of choices. Once I have a general idea of what you're looking for, I can provide a quote.

The process would begin with a fitting. I have a fully adjustable stationary bike to find your ideal riding position. These measurements are taken into the computer as the starting point for the design and geometry. A full-scale blueprint is used as a guide for the build.

I can use one of three different build techniques to manufacture the frame: lugged, fillet brazed, or bilaminate. At a basic level the differences are aesthetic.

Lugged: a classic look

Fillet Brazed: smooth and minimal

Bilaminate: a custom designed slip ring allows for the most unique aesthetic opportunity

The frame can be finished clean with minimal mounts and internally routed cables. Or it can be loaded with full capability of mounting racks, water bottles, pumps, and fenders. Or somewhere in between.


The final choice is how to coat the frame. Wet painting starts at $400 and includes two or more colors with logos and options such as including your name. Powder coating starts at $200, is more durable, but limits to one color. A unique look I like is a clear powder coat showing off the raw frame below (pictured left).

With my background in product design, I offer custom 3D printed metal parts. These parts can be aesthetic flourishes, brazed designs, or used as unique cable hangers or mounts.

Once the frame is done, I'm happy to source components and build up each frame into a fully functioning bicycle.